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Another story says that Valentine was one of the early Christians in those far-away days when that meant danger and death. For helping some Christian martyrs he was held, drag before the Prefect of Rome and cast into jail.

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According to one legend, Valentine actually sends the first 'valentine' greeting himself. While in jail, it is believed that Valentine chop down in love with a young beautiful girl — who was the jailor's daughter — who visited him during his imprisonment. The morning of the execution, he is said to have sent the keeper's daughter a farewell message signed, "From your Valentine." Although the reality behind the Valentine legends is misty, the stories certainly highlight his appeal as a compassionate, brave, and, most importantly, romantic person. It's no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in France and England.

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After Christianity was firmly established the priests wanted the people to forget the old heathen gods. But they did not wish to do away with all their feasts and sports. So they kept the Lupercalia and called it Valentine's Day.

Valentine Customs:

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A young girl was thought to marry, eventually, the first eligible male she met on this day. If a girl was curious and brave enough she could conjure up the appearance of her future spouse by going to the graveyard on St. Valentine's Eve at midnight. She would then sing a prescribed chant and run around the church twelve times.

In England, little children went about singing of St. Valentine and collecting small gifts. It was also customary to place valentines on their friends' doorsteps.

Modern Valentines:

History tells us the first current valentines date from the early years of the 15th Century. The young French Duke of Orleans, capture at the battle of Agincourt, was kept a prisoner in the Tower of London for many years. He write lovely poem to his wife, who was real valentines for him. About sixty of them remain. These can be seen among the royal papers in the British Museum.

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Flowers as valentines appear nearly 200 years later. Daughters of Henry IV of France give a party in honor of St Valentine. At that time each lady received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the man chosen as her valentine. So from Italy and France comes the pretty custom of sending our friends loving messages, gifts, flowers, etc. on this day. Now days with flowers, beautiful cards, and heart-shaped candles were sending to him/her lovers. Many years ago peoples were send handwritten litters say "LOVE LATTER" to his/her lover person. This letters were sending by dove say "LOVE BIRD".

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