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Sunflower - Flower Guide

Detailed Labeled Diagram of Sunflower Sunflowerdiagram

The sunflower is also known as Helianthus annuus in other countries. Sunflower is native to theAmericas, with a huge flowering head inflorescence.
The branch of sunflower can grow as high as 3 meters or 9 3/4 feet, and the flower head can reach 30 cm or 11.8 inch in diameter with the "large" seeds.

sunflower seed image

Life Cycle of A Sunflower Plant
Sunflowers in the grow stage exhibit heliotropism. At the time of sunrise, the faces of most off all sunflowers are turned towards the east or Sun. During the whole day, Sunflowers follow the sun from east to west, while at the end of day Helianthus annuus return to an eastward orientation. These things not true for all sunflowers like as for wild sunflower.

The wild sunflower normally does not turn toward the sun or in east direction. Wild sunflower flowering heads may face many directions when became full-grown. But, the leaves of wild sunflowers typically exhibit some heliotropism.
During the 18th Century, the use of sunflower oil became very popular in Europe. particularly with members of the Russian Orthodox Church because sunflower oil was one of the few oils that was not prohibited during Lent.

Growing Harvesting Sunflowers And Sunflower Uses
To grow up well, sunflowers require full sun. Sunflowers grow greatest in fertile, wet, well-drained top soil with a large mulch. For commercial planting seeds are planted 45 cm of 1.5 feet distant and 2.5 cm or 1 inch deep in.
Sunflower heads or seed are sold as a snack food in china and other countries.
In many countries like china, Russia, United States, UAE and Europe, Sunflowers can be developed into a peanut butter alternative, Sunbutter.
Sunflower oil also user for cooking oil. For thai oil is extracted from the sunflowers seeds. Biodiesel also produced from sunflowers. Many more uses of sunflowers.

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